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Adhesion Problems and Solutions
Adhesive Rating for Food Contact
Adhesive Residue Removal
Aircraft Hatches and Doors
Alteration Prevention
Archival Collectibles
Asset Tracking and Identification
Authenticating and Securing Collectibles and Memorabilia
Backstage Passes
Baggage, Briefcase
Ballot Box, Vote Box
Bank Checks
Bar Code Labels
Bar Code Mask
Barrier Security Seals
Blank ID Cards -- Plain and Holographic
Block Out Labels / Hide Printing
Bottles with Lids, Caps, and Stoppers
Brand Protection
Branded Apparel
Broken Seal, Labels & Stickers
California Clean Idle Decals & Labels
California Clean Idle Policy Labels
Camera Lens on Mobile Phone or Tablet Computer
Cartons & Boxes -- shipping and storage
Certificates & Documents
Certified Cargo Screening Facility
Chain of Custody
Clean Room Labels
Coin Case
Cold Lamination Pouch
Collectibles - low & medium security
Collectibles -- medium & high security
Confidential Information Security and Protection
Consecutive Serial Numbers -- invisible, covert, hidden, holographic, colored inks
Convention ID Badge, Temporary
Corner of Box, Carton Flap
Credit Cards
Cryogenic Temperatures
CSA, Canadian Standards Association
Currency (Money)
Door Hinges on Containers and Trailers
Door Hinges on Ocean Shipping Containers
Doors & Windows, Entry
Drivers License
Dry and Low-Moisture Environments
Election Results
Electrically Conductive
Electron Static Discharge, ESD
Equipment Calibration Settings
Equipment Labels for tracking assets
Event Tickets and Passes
Fake ID, Novelty ID
Fast Service, RUSH orders
FIPS 140-1 and 140-2 Labels
Fire Extinguisher Security Seals
Fixed-base Operators
Flap, Box or Carton
Flash Passes and Bus Passes: colored hologram stickers and labels
Frangible Acetate Tape and Seals
Gasoline Dispenser
Gift Certificates
Glass Bottles
Government Documents, Birth Certificates
Hidden Text
High Temperatures
Hologram Stickers & Labels - low budget, low cost
Hologram Stickers & Labels -- colored background
Hologram Stickers & Labels -- Custom Design
Hologram Stickers & Labels -- fast or rush service
Hologram Stickers & labels -- high security
Hologram Stickers & Labels -- low, and medium security
Hologram Stickers & Labels -- transparent
Holograms Stickers & labels -- wheelchair parking permit
Holographic Board
Holographic Stamping Foil
Identification Cards / Employee ID Badges, New Cards: PLAIN AND HOLOGRAPHIC LAMINATION POUCHES
Inks, color changing
Inks, covert, invisible & hidden
Inside Window Stickers
Keeper Bar Seals
Lamination Instructions & Tips
Lamination Pouches, plain and holographic
Large hologram stickers or labels
Legal Documents
Limited Edition Products
Liquid Containers
Lottery Tickets
Low energy surfaces, plastics, powder coated paint, high temperature exposure
Low Temperatures
Matching Sets
Material Safety Data Sheet, MSDS
Mechanical Security Seals
Medication and Pharmaceutical Security
New Identification Cards / Employee ID Badges: EMBEDDED HOLOGRAPHIC CARDS
New or Existing Identifcation Cards / Employee ID Badges: STOCK OR CUSTOM HOLOGRAM LABELS
New or Existing Identification Cards / Employee ID Badges: CUSTOM TRANSPARENT OVERLAYS
New or Existing Identification Cards / Employee ID Badges: STOCK TRANSPARENT OVERLAYS
Non-Residue Tamper Evident Labels, Stickers, and Seals
Ocean Shipping Container Doors
Office File Cabinet & Desk
Outdoor Use
Parking Hang Tag -- rear view mirror
Parking Permits
Part ID Tags
Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
Photocopy Protection
Pilfering, Shipping Cartons
PIN Numbers
Plastic Bottles
Plastic Surfaces, Adhesion
Point of Purchase Displays & Advertising
Powder Coated Paint Surface, Adhesion
Prescription Pads
Product Packaging
Railcar Security Seals
Retro Reflective Labels
Rohs Compliant
Scratch Off Labels
Seals for Totes and Small Containers
Season Tickets and Passes
Security Adhesive Seals, Labels & Stickers
Security Bags
Security Envelopes
Security Features -- Covert, Microtext, Nanotext, Laser Readable Images, Hidden Features
Security Labels and Stickers with VOID Message
Security Labels with Custom Tamper Evident Patterns
Security Options for Cargo Containers and Truck Trailers
Security Options for Protecting Pallets
Security Seals, Mechanical
Security Tape
Serial Numbering, Consecutive
Serial Numbering, Random
Shipment and Cargo Diversion
Ski Lift Tickets
Storage Bin Security Seals
Supply Chain Security
Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
Tamper Evident Void Release -- custom hologram products
Tamper Evident Void Release -- custom release pattern for holograms
Tamper Evident Void Release -- custom release pattern for security labels
Tamper Evident Void Release -- stock hologram products
Tamper Evident Void Release -- stock security labels
Temporary License Tags & Plates
Textured Surfaces, Adhesion
Thermal Printer & Software
Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Labels
Trucks / Trailers -- door security seals
Trucks / Trailers -- hinge security seals
UL Rating, Underwriter's Laboratory
Ultraviolet and Black Light Fluorescing Printing
Utility Meter security seals
Valve Security Seals
Vehicle Registration for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, etc
Vehicle Titles, Auto, Truck, Motorcycle
Visitor ID Badges, Temporary
Warranty Claims
Water Dectection
Water Park Passes
Wet and High-Moisture Environments
Wheelchair Permit
Wild Game Tags, Deer
Window, Windshield, & Windscreen Stickers
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Our holographic products combat counterfeiting. They cannot be photo-copied or scanned. Stock holograms are effective for low security. For higher security we recommend custom imprints. Unique serial numbers add security. A custom hologram offers the best security against counterfeiting. For added security, we offer options for hidden inks, micro-printing, and taggants.

Holograms for Anti-Counterfeit Measures

Holograms are a deterrent to counterfeiters. Because holograms require specialized equipment and technology to make, counterfeiters tend to avoid products which are protected by holograms.  The unique optical properties of holograms are quick and easy to validate, making the excellent indicators of authenticity.

Counterfeiting deterrence features of holograms:

  • Cannot be optically scanned by computer
  • Cannot be reproduced with a photocopier
  • Provides product authentication
  • Quick and easy optical validation
  • Hidden images may be embedded in holograms

NovaVision specializes in making high quality, bright holograms.  We can meet your lower-security needs with our stock holographic labels, or add additional security through printed text and serial numbers, or for applications demanding the highest levels of counterfeit deterrence we can work with you to create fully custom holographic images, including hidden text, microtext, and taggants.

Hologram Labels with Taggants

While a hologram label alone provides visible anti-counterfeiting protection, including taggants in the label creates features that are invisible to the naked eye. The presence of these taggants can only be detected by hand-held devices.

The stock taggant formula fluoresces green under the light from a a 980nm laser pen. Taggants can also be detected in more diverse light conditions by using the REVEAL taggant detector, which has indicator lights which will positively identify the presence of the taggant.

We can provide custom taggant formulas which fluoresce at different colors. The different formulations with various infrared colors can also be combined to make a unique combination.

Typical Application Photos

Hidden Ink Printing

Inks that are clear in visible light but fluoresce under black light and ultraviolet lamps can be used to conceal text and messages, making the hidden messages visible only under specific lighting conditions. These fluorescing inks can add a dimension of security to your application.

Typical Application Photos

Nanotext, Microtext, and Microprinting

NovaVision can include microtext and nanotext in custom hologram labels as an anti-counterfeit measure.  Depending on the nature and size of the microprinting, magnification between 5X and 25X may be required to read the micro- or nanotext.

We have also succesfully printed text as small as 1 point on tamper evident security tape and non-hologram labels.


Typical Application Photos

Laser-Revealable Text

NovaVision can embed laser-revealable text in holograms as a covert anti-counterfeiting measure.  The text will only be revealed when exposed to a laser operating at a specific frequency.  Because the covert text will be reflected in a mirror image, card or other flat object should be used to re-reflect the text to a normal reading orientation.

Typical Application Photos

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