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Product Overview

Security labels and stickers provide an anti-tamper seal for file cabinets, doors, windows, equipment, boxes, and many other containers. All of our security labels have pressure-sensitive adhesive -- just peel and stick.

  • Protect Your Products and Equipment
  • Control Access to Files, Doors, & Containers
  • Indicates Tampering or Pilfering

After applying a security label, the security label will indicate tampering. The tamper evident feature varies for each product.

Red Security Label
Security Stickers
Tamper Evident Seals

See the product listing below for all of our security labels, which are offered in both stock and customized versions.

Choosing Your Security Label

The Custom Printed Security Labels are intended for most non-porous (glass, metal, etc) surfaces; they show tamper evidence from a hidden pattern (dots pattern, OPENED VOID, etc) that is revealed when the label is removed. The OPENED VOID pattern is shown in the film and in the adhesive residue left on the surface.

Our Non-Residue Security Labels reveal a hidden pattern (OPENED VOID) in the film when removed, but they do not leave an adhesive residue on the affixed surface. They are ideal for windows, doors, access panels, files, cabinets, aircraft hatches, etc.

Also a non-residue Label, our SecureGuard™ Plus Security Labels are designed for plastic surfaces and textured surfaces (metal and plastic). Often these are the most difficult surfaces to adhere a security label.

Our SecureGuard™ Plus Labels are also suitable as a non-residue label for many porous surfaces such as paper, paperboard and cardboard.

Our PilferGuard™ Seals have two key tampering features for shipping cartons with high value contents. The hidden pattern (OPENED) is revealed when removed. Plus, if the the carton is slit and re-sealed with clear tape, the word OPEN will appear 2 hours later to indicate tampering.

TamperStrips™ are primarily used to detect slitting or slight tampering. The thin strips will break to show a broken seal. The ends also have a hidden pattern (dots) to show if the label is removed.

Custom Self-Voiding Labels are conventional security labels (or non-residue labels), but with a customized hidden pattern. Instead of the usual hidden pattern (OPENED VOID), we can create a CUSTOM hidden pattern with your company name and/or logo.

The Acetate Security Tapes & Labels show tampering from being torn or broken. Acetate is the most affordable security tape and labels we offer. They are often used to seal porous surfaces such as paper envelopes, paperboard containers, or cardboard.

We offer a variety of Frangible Paper Labels which will indicate tampering by tearing or delaminating. Some include fluorescing fibers as a hidden anti-counterfeiting feature. These low cost seals are often used to seal envelopes, product packages, etc.

Our Block Out Privacy Labels are intended to cover printed confidential information. If removed, the labels are designed to delaminate, but leaving the black adhesive in place to visually block the underlying confidential information.

Our Water Detection Labels change color from direct water contact.

We provide specialty labels and tapes for Certified Cargo Screening Facilities.

For increased security:

  1. Add custom text and graphics
  2. Add a serial number

We recommend all applications be tested before product is shipped. We offer free samples so you can test and verify the product will meet your specific needs.

We also offer a product line of Mechanical Security Seals which operate on the principal of a "broken seal" and are used to mechanically secure a variety of containers. Typical applications include truck doors, trailer doors, railcar doors, totes, valves, coin bags, inner drum bags, crime scene evidence storage bags, zippers, and any container with a hasp or loop.

Specifications and Intended Use

Please see the Specifications and Intended Use for more details.

Troubleshooting Guide

If the tamper evident feature is not working to your satisfaction, please review the Security Label Troubleshooting Guide for suggestions, or give us a call.

Product Returns and Claims

See Ordering Info for more details.

Fast Service

Most stock products (without customizations) are available for same-day EXPRESS SERVICE. Place your order by 2pm EST, pay by credit card and the material ships the same day — no waiting and no RUSH fee.

Typical delivery for custom-imprinted stock products is one week. However, many stock products can be customized on a RUSH basis for a nominal fee — in as fast as 24 hours or just a few days.

Affordable Pricing

Our unique stock products are competitively priced to assure you get a quality product at a low price. For customized products, our pricing is affordable and with low minimum order quantities.

Warning to Counterfeiters

If NovaVision is requested to produce custom security products or branded packaging, we require proof to substantiate that you are authorized to purchase that product. We independently verify your contact information and legitimacy. If you are not authorized to purchase the product, your contact information may be provided to law enforcement authorities without further notice. NovaVision cooperates with all local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies to catch and prosecute fraudulent purchases and counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting is illegal and is defined as any attempt to copy an original with the intent to defraud. It is illegal to purchase a fake identification product, an unauthorized custom hologram, an unauthorized duplicate security label, or counterfeit packaging which uses a copyrighted brand name or logo. Further, in the USA, legislation is pending to expand the criminal law so that federal prosecutors will have an easier time prosecuting counterfeiters that manufacture bogus product labels and packaging.

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Conventional Security Labels — When removed will self destruct, leaving words ("OPENED", "VOID", etc.) or symbols in the security label and a similar pattern of adhesive residue on the surface.

Non Residue Security Labels — When removed will show words in the label film ("OPENED", "VOID", etc.), but leaves no adhesive residue on the affixed surface.

Frangible Labels — When removed the label will tear or break to show a "broken seal".

tamper evident seals
  • "OPENED", "VOID", or DOTS appears when removed from applied surface
  • When removed, leaves adhesive residue on the applied surface
  • Stock sizes with unique, pre-assigned serial numbers
  • Stock Colors: Red, Blue, White, Clear Gray, Silver Metallic
  • Stock Sizes: 13
  • Optional custom printed text, logo, serial numbers, size, color, etc
Non-Residue Security Labels and Stickers
  • "VOID OPENED" appears when removed from applied surface
  • Leaves no adhesive residue when removed from applied surface
  • Stock sizes with unique, pre-assigned serial numbers
  • Stock Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Black
  • Stock Sizes: 11
  • Optional custom printed text, logo serial numbers, size, color, etc
  • Ideal seals for aircraft, doors, windows, access panels, all plastic surfaces, etc.
Anti-Pilfering Seals
  • Supplemental seal placed on taped seams of shipping carton
  • Hidden "OPEN" appears in 2 hours if carton is re-sealed with clear tape
  • Hidden tamper evidence — "OPENED" appears if seal is removed (residue)
  • Unique serial numbers
TamperStrip Security Labels
  • Strips show broken seal when slit or with slight tampering
  • Hidden tamper evidence — DOTS pattern when removed (residue)
  • Stock version with unique, pre-assigned serial numbers
  • Optional custom printed text, logo, serial numbers
custom void message seals
  • Hidden tamper evidence — your custom text or logo
  • Background colors: White, stock colors, or custom colors
  • Optional custom imprinted text, logo, serial numbers, etc.
  • Choose from a number of sizes and shapes
Frangible Acetate Security Labels
  • Frangible material (broken or torn seal indicates tampering)
  • Receptive to writing from ink pen or marker
  • No adhesive residue when removed
  • Continuous rolls or individual seals
Frangible Paper Security Seals
  • Security paper tears (frangible) when removed
  • Some papers with fluorescing fibers (hidden anti-counterfeiting feature)
  • White paper with black imprint (or optional colors)
  • Optional custom printed text, logo, serial numbers, etc.
Block Out Security Labels
  • Black adhesive hides underlying printing (keeps confidential information private)
  • Security paper tears (frangible) when removed
  • Optional custom text, logo, and serial numbers
Water Detection Labels
  • Water contact initiates label color change immediately
  • Not affected by high humidity
  • Choose from several stock label sizes
CCSF Security Labels and Seals
  • Specialty security tapes and labels
  • Meets TSA specifications
Gas Station Security Labels
  • Effective tool to combat tampering at gasoline pumps
  • Helps to indicate if credit card skimming equipment has been installed
  • Does not leave adhesive residue on the gas dispenser surface
Gas Station Security Labels
  • Improved control of your assets
  • High strength adhesive
  • If removed, shows "VOID OPENED" message
  • Optional logos, text, serial numbers and barcodes
Election Security Seals
  • Tamper resistance measures provide security for election applications
  • Ideal seals for secure crates, ballot boxes, election transportation, and more
  • Customizable for added security
Cannabis Security Labels
  • Ideal for various cannabis packaging and labeling applications
  • Secure cannabis product packaging
  • Meet and exceed industry regulations for cannabis packaging compliance
  • Increase consumer trust in product authenticity
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