Hologram Scratch Off Labels

Product Overview

Scratch off hologram labels are applied over pre-printed information. To reveal the underlying information, use the edge of a coin to scratch off the holographic image.

The stock scratch off label features our stock “dots” image. These labels are only sold as plain; we only offer one size at this time.

Hologram Scratch Off Label

Hologram Scratch Off Label

Hologram Scratch Off Label

The scratch off label is also frangible. The label will break into pieces if attempts are made to remove the label to read the underlying information.

As an option, scratch off holographic labels can be made with custom sizes and custom hologram images. The minimum order quantity is 1 million labels. Please call for more information.

Typical applications include pre-paid telephone cards, discount coupons, promotions, passwords, and more.

Intended Use of Holograms

Our holograms are designed, tested, and intended for anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering and promotional applications.

Our holographic products do NOT provide any documented health or medical benefits such as improved balance, sleep, pain-relief, weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.

Our holographic products do NOT provide any documented benefits to improve gas mileage, energy efficiency, cell phone reception, etc.

Our holographic products cannot be programmed to resonate at specific frequencies.

In our opinion, claims of medical benefits or improved machine performance are questionable and scientifically unsupported. Consumers should request an independent study (with blind testing) to verify any such claims and benefits.

We are not aware of any independent studies which validate such claims and benefits. Therefore, we will not intentionally produce holograms for these applications.

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Hologram labels cannot be scanned or photocopied and are a proven method to combat counterfeiting. They can also create a unique and attractive complement to your existing packaging and product. For more information about holograms, click on the following links:

Stock Hologram Scratch Off Labels, 0.31 in x 1.57 in, HDO25-34SO

Hologram Scratch Off Labels

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Stock Image Dots
Color Metallic Silver
Size 0.31 in x 1.57 in
Security Frangible
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