Parking Permits, Stickers, Hang Tags

Product Overview

NovaVision provides a variety of parking permits to improve security and control of vehicles on your property.

Our inside window parking permits have an adhesive backing and are affixed directly on the windshield from the inside of the vehicle. These permits cannot be transferred to another vehicle. If removed, the window sticker will self destruct the printing on the sticker.

Our rear view mirror permit stickers have an adhesive backing and are affixed to the backside of the rear view mirror. These permits cannot be transferred to another vehicle. If removed, the sticker will self destruct the background of the sticker.

We also offer blank hang tags so you can create your own parking permit. Just print the insert with your custom text and heat laminate to make a finished parking permit to suspend from the rear view mirror.

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  • Control Access to Your Property
  • Combat Couterfeiting & Alterations
  • Create Your Own Custom Permits

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Quality Products

Our parking permits are test and proven-in-use for reliability.

Affordable Pricing

Our unique stock products are offered at affordable pricing.

NovaVision specializes in custom security at affordable prices with the best delivery times in the industry. Since custom security offers more protection, our product pages feature a special icon which highlights customizable products:


For customized security, our most affordable option is to customize stock security products with your company name or logo, but we can also create a totally custom product as well depending on your requirements.

Fast Service

Many stock products (without customizations) are available for same-day EXPRESS SERVICE. Place your order by 2pm EST, pay by credit card and the material ships the same day — no waiting and no RUSH fee. Products featuring these icons are available for same day shipping:

Express Holograms

Typical delivery for customized stock products is one week. However, many stock products can be customized on a RUSH basis for a nominal fee — in as fast as 24 hours or just a few days.

A unique custom product which requires custom tooling typically is complete and ready for shipment within 2 to 3 weeks.

parking permit
  • Parking Permits and Vehicle Permits for Windshields
  • Choose from 2 colors for stock permits or 5 colors for custom permits
  • Customize with your custom imprinted text, logo or serial numbers
parking permit
  • Parking Permit Stickers and Vehicle Permits for Rear View Mirrors
  • Choose from metallic silver, yellow, red or blue
  • Customize with your custom imprinted text, logo or serial numbers
parking permit
  • Make your own Hang Tag Parking Passes for rear-view mirrors
  • Create your custom insert: text, logo or serial numbers
  • Insert your printed info & laminate the blank hang tag to make the finished hang tag
parking permit
  • Stock Permit includes unique serial number
  • Custom Permit with optional logo, text and serial number
  • Choose from 5 stock background colors
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