Snap-N-Secure Pallet Crimp Seals

Product Overview

The Snap-N-Secure seal secures the pallet by sealing the metal crimps, which are used to fasten the banding. After the pallet is strapped and crimped, a Snap-N-Secure seal is used to fully encase each and every metal crimp in a plastic cover. Once applied, the self-locking Snap-N-Secure seal cannot be removed without breaking the seal, which prevents replacement of the original crimps to get access to the pallet. The presence of any other banding crimps (without a Snap-N-Secure) would indicate tampering.

The Snap-N-Secure seals have unique serial numbers. The shipper should record the serial numbers on the shipping documents and advise the receiver to confirm the presence of the Snap-N-Secure on all metal crimps.

The Snap-N-Secure seals are compatible with metal or poly banding ranging from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch width. No special tools are required to apply the seals, which are constructed of polycarbonate plastic.

Sold in cartons of 10 or 50 seals. All seals are preassigned, unique serial numbers.

Installation Instructions

  1. Prior to installing the Snap-N-Secure seal, prepare the pallet as needed by installing cardboard or film wrap to prevent pilfering.
  2. If the pallets will be stacked during storage or shipping, to prevent crushing the seal locate the banding crimps and Snap-N-Secure seal on the sides of the pallet.
  3. Slide the bottom half of the Snap-N-Secure seal beneath the strapping crimp, keeping the crimp in the center of where the seal will close.
  4. Fold the top half of the seal over the crimp, firmly snapping the seal shut.
  5. Repeat this process for all strapping crimps on the pallet.
Pallet Crimp Seal Opened

Opened seal placed beneath strapping crimp

Pallet Crimp Seal Closed

Seal closed around strapping crimp

Pallet Crimp Seals

Pallet Crimp Seal

Each seal features a unique serial number, which is printed in black ink.

Ready To Ship: Same Day (Order by 2pm EST)

Sold in Cartons of 10 seals or 50 seals.

Add to Cart Code: MS-SNS-10 (Carton of 10)

Add to Cart Code: MS-SNS-50 (Carton of 50)

While Supplies Last

Pricing Information
Quantity (Cartons) 1 5 10 20
Carton of 10 $50 (No Quantity Discount)
Carton of 50 $145 $130 Call Call
Material Polycarbonate Plastic
Color Transparent
Imprint Color Black
  • Carton of 10: 1.0 lbs
  • Carton of 50: 3.0 lbs
Inventory Current Inventory as of 9/22/21: MS-SNS-50 is 250; MS-SNS-10 is 60
Custom Imprint

Production Set up: $125.00/order

  • Includes artwork prep

Unit price: $2.90/seal

  • Minimum Order Quantity = 50 seals

Ready to Ship: 1 week after proof approval

Pricing excludes shipping

Please note, this product is no longer being manufactured. We are transitioning to a newly developed product code PAL400-576RE, otherwise known as Crimp Guard ™. This is a serial numbered tamper evident label which encapsulates the crimped band to safeguard against tampering and will be available on or before 9/24/21.

Typical Applications:

Pallet Security Labels
Pallet Crimp Seal Installed on Pallet

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