CrimpGuard™ Pallet Crimp Seals

The CrimpGuard™ seal secures the pallet by encapsulating the metal crimps, which are used to fasten the banding. After the pallet is strapped and crimped, a CrimpGuard™ seal is used to fully encase each and every metal crimp by removing the liner (silicone backed paper) and folding the label around the crimp. Once applied, the tamper-evident CrimpGuard™ seal cannot be removed without showing at least 1 sign of tamper evidence:

  1. Revealing the hidden pattern "Open Void" in the film
  2. A partial color change in the film from orange to yellow
  3. The film will tear, stretch, or significantly distort, if attempted to remove
  4. CrimpGuard™ labels are missing, which may indicate the original banding was removed and/or replaced
  5. The received CrimpGuard™ serial numbers do not match the original serial numbers

The CrimpGuard™ seals have unique serial numbers. The shipper should record the serial numbers on the shipping documents and advise the receiver to confirm the presence of the CrimpGuard™ on all metal crimps.

The CrimpGuard™ seals are compatible with metal or poly banding ranging from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch width. No special tools are required to apply the seals.

Sold in packs of 50, or cartons of 250 seals. All seals are preassigned, unique serial numbers.

CrimpGuard™ Seals, 5.50" x 3.5" Tamper Evident Crimp Seals

Pallet Crimp Seal

Each seal features a unique serial number, which is printed in black ink.

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Sold in packs of 50 seals or cartons of 250 seals

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Add to Cart Code: PAL400-576RE-50 (Pack of 50)

Add to Cart Code: PAL400-576RE-250 (Carton of 250)

Pricing Information
Quantity (Cartons) 1 5 10 20
Pack of 50 $25 (No Quantity Discount)
Carton of 250 $100 $87.50 Call Call
Installation Instructions
Material Low Density Polyethylene
Adhesive Permanent Hot-Melt
Color Orange (voids yellow)
Imprint Color Black
Packaging Individual sheets in packs of 50, Carton of 250
  • Pack of 50: .3 lbs
  • Carton of 250: 1.5 lbs
Custom Imprint

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Typical Applications:

Pallet Security Labels
CrimpGuard™ Seal Installed on Pallet

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