Computer Port Seals

Product Overview

We offer a variety of security seals for computer ports and servers. As with any security defense, reinforcing layers provide the best protection.

  • Protect your data
  • Safeguard your network and infrastructure

USB ports are at risk from data theft, computer viruses and other malicious software from unauthorized USB flash drives and devices.

Exposed RJ45 jack can be blocked to prevent unauthorized access to networks and servers. Also, deactivated jacks or unused port throughout a facility can be blocked and tagged to avoid subsequent retesting.

Exposed D-sub connectors for VGA ports and Parallel Ports can be protected from unauthorized displays and communication equipment.

Some high security applications require FIPS-compliant security labels to secure the ports and access points.

PadJack Computer Port Seal USB Port Lock USB Port Lock USB Cable Lock VGA Port Lock Parallel Port Lock

The Padjack locks and seals are physical safeguards for your network, infrastructure, and data to combat security breaches. Seals are available for USB ports, D-sub connectors and RJ45 jacks.

Non Residue Computer Label Non Residue Computer Label

Our non-residue security labels are the most affordable option to block physical access to USB ports and RJ45 jacks. When the labels are removed, they show tampering (VOID OPEN appears in the label), but no messy adhesive residue is left on the computer surface.

FIPS-Compliant Security Labels FIPS-Compliant Security Labels

Our FIPS-compliant labels (typically noted in 'red' above) are used on high-security server applications to detect tampering at ports and access points. Our FIPS labels are independently tested to validate exceptional performance against malicious physical attack.

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