Frangible Block Out Paper Security Label, Circle, XBO24-06

Frangible Block Out Labels are design to be placed over printed information to obscure it from being read. They are intended to cover confidential information or conceal mis-printed or revised information. These labels contain an aggressive adhesive along with a darkened paper layer to block sensitive information and prevent removal. If removed the label will tear into pieces while still preventing the concealed information from being read which also indicates tampering.

The adhesive is designed to work in a wide variety of applications, including most plastics and powder coated paint. Typical applications include covering information on:

  • Documents (financial data, PIN numbers, etc)
  • Prescription bottles (medical information)
  • Existing bar code labels
  • Revised instruction labels
  • Revised product labels
  • Branded labels for blind market research trials

Block Out Paper Labels - Frangible Block Out Paper Security Label, Circle, XBO24-06

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