Hologram Labels, Stickers

General Specifications

Labels are constructed of durable polyester film (0.002 inches thick).

Labels are die cut to size for easy removal, and provided on rolls with "peel and stick" adhesive backing.

The adhesive is a permanent acrylic, which is compatible with most papers, plastics, and other non-porous surfaces. The adhesive is sunfast for at least one year and will not yellow if used in an exterior application.

Tamper evident polyester labels have a printed silicon release under the hologram image. The release is typically in a "dots" pattern. When removed, the release will self destruct the hologram image, leaving a pattern of dots.

Most background colors are colorfast for exposure to sunlight for at least one year, except 'hot pink' and 'lime green' which will fade after 30 days in direct sunlight.

Imprint inks (black, dark blue, red, green and white) are colorfast for exposure to sunlight for at least one year, except hidden fluorescing inks which will fade after 30 days in direct sunlight.

Resolution of custom imprint is 200 to 300 dpi.

Imprint Color Specifications for Hologram Labels:

  • Green = PMS Green C;
  • Dark blue = PMS 286 C;
  • Red = PMS 192 C

If the label will be exposed to harsh chemicals or excessive abrasion, an optional clear lamination over the custom imprint may be required for maximum durability of the imprint.

Stock labels are designed for manual application. Labels may be supplied on silicone-coated paper or film. If auto-affixing by machine, inquire for special instructions and free samples for a trial prior to ordering labels.


  • Storage Temperature: 40°F to 100°F
  • Storage Humidity: 20% to 60% (store in plastic bags if humidity will be higher)
  • Minimum Shelf Life: 2 Years

Each roll of labels is on a 3 inch ID core is provided with a dispenser carton.

Typical labels/roll:

  • .75 inch square labels: 2000 / roll
  • 1.35 inch / 1.625” labels: 1000 / roll

To apply labels the minimum application temperature is +35°F and application surface must be clean and dry. After application, the service temperature range is -40°F to +300°F.

Polyester hologram labels are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications; the expected life for outdoor applications is 1 year minimum.

Hologram labels are NOT FDA-rated for DIRECT or INDIRECT contact with food.

If printing ID cards with an ID card printer, the label should be applied after the card is printed. Applying the label before printing may interfere with the printing quality and may damage the print head.

Labels are compatible with heat seal applications, such as heat laminating ID cards.

For best security when using a lamination pouch, apply the hologram to the core insert before heat sealing. However, labels can also be applied on the finished card after heat sealing.

Labels are compatible with silk or fabric ID badges; to improve the tamper evidence feature on this type of material, use a laminator to heat seal the hologram label after manually affixing. The added heat improves adhesion of the label to the substrate, which improves the tamper evident release feature.

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