Installation Guide

Hologram Labels, Stickers

Typical Applications

  • Authentication label for identification (company ID, membership cards, event staff, etc)
  • Authentication label for collectibles (artwork, coins, autographed & licensed products, etc)
  • Authentication label for Documents (gift certificates, bank checks, etc)
  • Asset and Equipment Tag
  • Parking Passes
  • Driver's license or ID card endorsement or renewal.
  • Product Packaging for enhanced "shelf appeal" and brand protection.

Registry of Hologram Images and Custom Imprints

Designated stock hologram labels must be custom imprinted with unique text or a logo. For added security we maintain a register of all custom imprints on stock labels to prevent more than one customer from using the same custom imprint. For security reasons, we do no sell the designated stock labels without a custom imprint.

Tips for Applying Tamper Evident Labels

Our hologram labels have a "dots" release pattern to show tampering; other security stickers and seals may have other words or symbols (VOID, OPENED, etc), but use a similar release construction. Under normal circumstances, after the label has been applied, the release pattern will appear when the label is removed. However, under certain conditions the tamper evident feature can be inadvertently activated when the label is in the process of being affixed. Here are tips to minimize "pre-triggering" of the tamper evident feature:

1. Minimize contact and pressure with the adhesive side of the label. Use light pressure to manually remove the label and transfer to your finger. Then, immediately apply the label to the intended surface. The tamper evident feature is more likely to activate if the adhesive side is handled with too much pressure, or the the label is positioned on your fingers for an extended time.

2. Use Skin Moisturizer — When handling the labels, apply a skin moisturizer to the tips of fingers which will come in contact with the adhesive side of the label. The added moisture will minimize the chance of activating the tamper evident feature during application. If the skin on your fingers are dry and chapped, it is more likely it will activate the tamper evident feature.

3. Use "rubber finger tips" — Wear a rubber finger tip on the finger which is used to touch the adhesive side of the label. The rubber finger tips have a "nubby" side and a smooth side — the smooth side works better. If needed, turn the tip inside out to expose the smooth side. Rubber finger tips are available at most office supply stores (they are typically used to improve manual handling and sorting of paper).

Holograms applied with rubber fingers

4. Flag the Label — Peel back a portion of the liner (backer) to expose a portion of the adhesive side of the label. Affix the exposed portion of the adhesive to the intended surface, then peel away the balance of the liner to fully affix the label.

Flagging the hologram labels

5. Do not use a metal or plastic instrument — using a knife blade, tweezers or other hard, dry instrument to affix the label is NOT recommended. The hard and dry surface will cause the tamper evident release to activate.

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