Specifications & Intended Use for Water Detection Warranty Labels


When water comes in contact with the label edge, the color changes from white to red. The color change begins within 5 seconds of water contact, progressing from the perimeter of the label and moving inward. The color change remains even after prolonged submersion in water.

Only the presence of water begins the color change. The material is designed to withstand heat and humidity aging without giving a false indication of water.

The water detection labels are constructed of a base paper which is laminated with clear film. The material thickness by product is as follows:

  • 0.006 inches thick: C-143R, C-1075R, C-2000R, C-2010R
  • 0.006 inches thick: C-143Ri, C-1075Ri, C-2000Ri
  • 0.010 inches thick: C-286R, C-2x120

This material is typically used to detect water intrusion in electronic devices.

Surface Film: Clear

  • Top-coated for improved ink receptivity
  • Film provides protection from soiling and moisture during handling
  • Permanent indication by color change remains after prolonged immersion
  • Printable by multiple methods: ink jet, laser let, screen and thermal transfer

Paper Backing: White:

  • Highly absorbent, quickly transports water to show indication
  • Does not falsely indicate water contact in high humidity

Adhesive: Permanent Acrylic:

  • Colored dye (red)
  • Minimum application temperature: +50F (+10C)
  • Service temperature: -40F to +149F (-40C to +65C)

Recommended Storage:

  • Temperature: +60F to +80F.
  • Relative Humidity: 40% to 60% RH. For higher humidity conditions, store in a plastic bag.

Compliance Ratings (2019):

EU RoHS, Eu REACH, EU Azo Colourant Directive, EU RoHS Phthalates, China RoHS

Product Warranty:

1 year from date of purchase if stored in recommended storage conditions. If product is defective within the warranty period, your exclusive remedy shall be, at NovaVision’s option, to replace the labels or refund the purchase price. NovaVision will not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss of damage arising from the use of this product.

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