Specifications & Intended Use

Tamper Evident Security Tape

General Specifications


Minimize exposure to temperatures over 100F (37C) during shipment or storage. Temperatures over 100F can damage the tape and shorten the shelf life. NovaVision does not accept any responsibility for tape exposed to temperatures over 100F.

Recommended Application:

  • Apply to clean, dry surface
  • Observe Minimum Application Temperatures stated in the product specifications
  • Test under end-use conditions to determine compatibility with your specific application

Product Claims:

Claims for defective product must be made within 1 week of delivery. If tape is returned for any reason, there is a 15% restocking fee on the tape; the customer is responsible for shipping both ways.


Minimum shelf life is 2 years at the recommended storage temperature of 40F to 80F.

Maximum Temperature: 100F; higher temperatures may damage the product or shorten the shelf life.

Intended Use

Tape is applied to a clean, dry surface.

It is designed to seal opposing flaps of a corrugated carton. Tape can also be applied to any non-porous surface. But it can also be use to seal other containers such as crates, bags, metal boxes, etc.

When the tape is removed, the ink and adhesive separates from the film and sticks to the carton. The pattern of words "OPENED" and/or "VOID" will appear on this residue. The hidden message may vary in font, size, text, and orientation.

If the activated tape is reapplied, the hidden pattern of "OPENED VOID" words will appear through the film.

Tape is self wound (no paper backing) on 3 inch ID cores.

This is a single use item. Not recommended for any application where the adhesive may be ingested by humans or animals.

The tamper evident feature is usually operable within a few minutes, but we recommend a minimum 1 hour curing time after application. Some surfaces require more curing time. As a general rule, more curing time improves the performance of the tamper evident feature.

The various tape formulations we offer perform differently depending on the material surface and application conditions. We offer free samples. We recommend tapes are tested under actual end-use conditions to confirm compatitibity with your specific application.

Questions? Need Help?
Questions? Need Help?