Specifications & Intended Use

Security Packing Tape

Tamper Evident Feature:

Tape is applied to a clean, dry surface. It is designed to seal opposing flaps of a corrugated carton. If the taped seam is slit open and re-sealed, the printed diagonal lines will be very difficult to re-align and/or there will be a small gap between the diagonal lines.

This is a single use item.

Application: Designed for application on corrugated cartons by hand or automated equipment.
Performance: See temperature limitations below
Printing: White background; Red: PMS186C
Tamper Message: NONE -- tampering is indicated by the inability to re-align the printed diagonal lines
Label Material: 1 mil thick Polypropylene Film unless noted otherwise in the product listing

Permanent acrylic, water based emulsion

Typical coating thickness is .9 mil

Liner: None, Tape is self-wound.
Recommended Application:
  1. Apply to clean, dry corrugated carton
  2. Use firm finger or hand pressure to enhance adhesion
  3. Allow 1 hour curing time after application.
  4. Minimum Application Temperature: +40F
  5. Service Temperature range is -40F to +200F
  6. Test under end-use conditions to determine serviceability
Physical: Tape comes on self-wound rolls
Width: 2.0 inch
Core: 3.0 inch ID
Length: 330 feet per roll or up to 3000 feet per rolls
  • 2 inch x 330 feet: 0.6 lb/roll
  • 2 inch x 3000 feet: 5.5 lb/roll
  • 2 inch x 330 feet: 36 rolls per case (convenient cartons)
  • 2 inch x 3000 feet: 4 rolls per case (convenient cartons)
  • 2 inch x 330 feet (36 rolls): 22 lb
  • 2 inch x 3000 feet (4 rolls): 24 lb
  • Recommended Storage Temperature is 50F to 80F
  • Minimum shelf life is 1 year
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