Specifications & Intended Use

SecureGuard™ Security Labels

General Specifications

Test for Compatibility: For finished furniture, cabinets, doors, etc, painted and varnished surfaces are also acceptable. However if the varnish/painted surface is not fully bonded, the finish may be removed when the label is removed. Test in an inconspicuous area.
Label Material: Polyester film, minimum .002 inch thick
Ready To Use: Labels are die cut to size for easy removal, and provided on rolls with 'peel and stick' adhesive backing.
Adhesive Material: Permanent acrylic, minimum .0008 inches thick
Recommended Surface: Intended for high energy, non-porous surfaces (glass, bare metal, painted metal, some smooth plastics, etc)
Tamper Evident Feature: Tamper evident polyester labels have a hidden security pattern under the exterior film. The hidden pattern is typically showing the words VOID OPENED. When removed, the hidden pattern will be revealed showing VOID OPENED in the film.
Non Residue Feature: When removed, the film will show the VOID OPENED pattern, but no (or little) adhesive will transfer to the surface. This feature is most effective when the service temperature is typically between 0F and 120F. For temperatures outside of this range, the non-residue feature may be impaired and revert to conventional security label that leaves adhesive residue.
Background Colors

The background inks are printed under the film. The film has a slight haze and there is a top coating, which slightly disorts the actual printed colors. These are the approximate PMS colors as viewed through the film:
- RED: 1797C
- BLUE: 3005U
- GREEN: 7734C
- BLACK: 432C

Sunfast Inks: - Background Red color is sunfast for 3 months
- Background Blue and Green colors are sunfast for 6 months
- Imprint inks are sunfast for 1 year.
Imprint Resolution: 200 dpi minimum.
Optional Lamination: If the custom imprint will be exposed to harsh chemicals or excessive abrasion, an optional clear lamination over the custom imprint may be required for maximum durability of the imprint.
Manual Application: Stock labels are designed for manual application. If auto-affixing, special order a trial roll for testing; request labels in a single lane.
Packaging: Each roll of labels is on a 3 inch ID core and is provided with a dispenser carton.
Storage & Shelf Life: Recommended storage at temperatures 100F or less; expected shelf life is a minimum 1 year.
Minimum Application Temperature: +10F
Service Temperature: After application, the service temperature range is -40F to +200F. However, at service temperatures below 0F or above 120F, the non residue feature may be disrupted; the film will still show tamper evidence when removed, but it may leave an adhesive residue on the surface.
Outdoor Service: Polyester labels are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications; the expected life for outdoor applications is 1 year minimum.
Food Labeling: Non-residue labels are NOT FDA-rated for DIRECT or INDIRECT contact with food.
RoHS Compliant: SecureGuard™ labels are ROHS compliant.

Intended Use

A security label that leaves no adhesive residue when removed; this feature eliminates the time and material to clean up the sticky adhesive residue typical of other security labels.

Download Specifications Sheet: SecureGuard™ Specifications Sheet

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