Specifications & Intended Use

PilferGuard™ Seals

General Specifications

Recommended Application:

a. Designed for application by hand; peel and stick
b. Apply to clean, dry surface
c. Apply directly to carton; do not apply on top of other tape, which will interfere with the tampering feature
d. If the surface is chemically contaminated, clean surface with 99% isopropyl alcohol and wipe dry with clean paper towel
e. Apply firm finger/hand pressure to achieve a full bond to the carton
f. Use firm pressure around carton corners to avoid air pockets
g. Allow 5 minutes prior to shipping for tamper evident message to be fully functional

Storage: Recommended Storage Temperature:75F and 50% RH

Shelf life is 1 year

Intended Use

The PilferGuard™ adhesive seal is designed as a supplemental security seal for the seams of a corrugated carton. It can also be used as a conventional tamper evident label. When manually removed, part of the ink and adhesive separates from the film and sticks to the carton. The pattern of words "OPENED" will appear in the adhesive residue and in the label film.

The PilferGuard™ seals have a special chemical coating that is activated by direct contact with adhesive in carton sealing tape. If clear tape is placed over the PilferGuard™ to reseal the carton, the hidden word “OPEN” begins to appear (in yellow letters) about 2 hours later. The 2 hour delay is typically enough time to activate the hidden security feature before the package is delivered or accepted. When the carton is presented with the word “OPEN” prominently showing, the recipient can inspect the contents immediately to confirm if a theft claim is needed, prior to accepting the shipment.

This is a single use item.

Detailed Specifications

Dimensions: 3 in x 6 in
Polyester Film, .002 inches thick
Film Printing:
  • Red: PMS186C
  • Orange: PMS 021
  • White with black stripes
  • Film is top-coated with proprietary coating to change
    color (OPEN in yellow) when clear packing tape
    is applied over the PilferGuard™ seal.
  • Solvent based acrylic adhesive; typical coating is .001 inch thick
  • Not recommended for any application where the adhesive may be
    ingested by humans or animals
  • Temperature Limitations:
  • ...Minimum application temperature: +10F
  • ...Recommended service temperature: -40F to 200F
Liner: 40 lb. paper
Serial Number: Unique number (black ink)
Core: 3 inch ID
Recommended Surfaces:
  • bare metals
  • glass
  • painted metal
  • PVC
  • corrugated board
  • fiberboard
  • treated HDPE
  • polyester

Always request free samples and test under end-use conditions to determine suitability.

Tamper Message: Random repeating pattern "OPENED" 16pt (approx) size, High Adhesive Residue
Performance: Product meets military guidelines for tamper indicating self-adhesive seal.
Configuration: 100 seals/roll
Weight: 5 lbs./roll
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