Specifications & Intended Use

Acetate Security Tape

General Specifications

Recommended Application: Apply to clean, dry surface
Allow 1 hour curing time after application.
Application Temperature (when affixed) range is +40F to +120F
Service Temperature (after affixing) range is -40F to +250F
Test under end-use conditions to determine suitability for your specific application
Store in a cool (maximum 90F) dry area
Shelf life: minimum 2 years from date of manufacture

Intended Use

Acetate Security Tape is designed to seal bottles, jars, envelopes, small boxes, etc. When the container is opened, the acetate material will tear indicating a "broken seal".

This is a single use item and designed for application by hand.

Detailed Specifications

Description: Acetate Tape And Seals
Tamper Evident Feature: Frangible acetate with serrated edges to promote tearing when opened.
Low and medium security applications
Film Color:
Red: Pantone 185 background
Blue: Process Blue background
Green: Pantone 347
Yellow: Pantone Yellow
Orange: Pantone Orange
Clear: No background ink
Tamper Message:
Acetate material will tear indicating a broken seal
Materials: Label Material:  1.5 Mil. Thick Acetate
Adhesive:  Permanent acrylic, typical coating thickness is .5 mil
Liner: paper 40 lb minimum, silicone treated liner has back slit for easy removal

Tape in rolls: each roll in a dispenser box
Width: 1.375 inch
Length: 108 lineal feet
Core: 3 inch ID
Dispenser box: 4.75 inch x 4.75 inch x 1.625 inch
Weight/box:  0.6 lb

Individual pieces - 100 pieces in a dispenser box (or bag)
Width: 1.43 inch
Length: 6.625 inch
Dispenser box: 9.5 inch x 1.625 inch x 1.0 inch
Weight/box:  0.3 lb

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Questions? Need Help?