Stock Hologram Images & Holographic Foil

Your most affordable option is to use the stock hologram labels shown in section A1 of the main page, which shows STOCK hologram images using STOCK label sizes.

However, if you want a CUSTOM size label that uses one of our stock hologram images or uses a stock security-grade holographic foil, here are some options:

A. Stock Hologram Images (registered images) - All of our current registered images are dot matrix technology; these images are categorized by maximum image size:


.75" x .75" images (view available designs)
1.5" x 1.5" images (view available designs)
6.0" x 6.0" images (view available designs)

B. Stock Holographic Foil Patterns (random)
- We have some stock holographic foils that can be used to make custom products. Some of these patterns are in our inventory at specific widths; the other patterns can be special ordered, but may require minimum order quantities. Click Here to view the stock holographic patterns.

NOTE: For all security foil applications, printers are required to provide documentation to NovaVision to substantiate they are authorized manufacturer’s for the products being produced.

For added security, stock hologram patterns can be used with custom tooling to imprint your company name or logo.

Positive Image
Negative Image
stock_holograms_3 stock_holograms_4

For more information on custom hologram labels & holographic foils, please contact:

Mike Messmer
419.354.1427 ext. 4203
Questions? Need Help?
Questions? Need Help?