Holograms For Collectibles

Product Overview

Hologram stickers, made from acid-free materials, can be used for archival documents.

However, authenticating archival documents with an adhesive sticker applied directly to the document has inherent risks, which are the responsibility of the buyer.

Archival documents can be permanently discolored or degraded by the presence of chemicals which will interact with paper -- most notably, any acid, even in trace amounts. Degradation of the collectible document can adversely affect its value.

Here is a summary of the material construction for our archival hologram stickers:

  • Base label - constructed of polyester film (acid-free)
  • Silver metallic holograms - Only silver metalized (aluminum) holograms are acceptable. Transparent holograms are not recommended because they contain a coating of zinc sulfide, which in high humidity conditions can produce trace amounts of sulfuric acid.
  • Adhesive - a UV-cured permanent acrylic (acid-free)
  • Liner - Only polyester film liners are recommended to avoid possible acid contamination from paper liners.
  • Imprint ink - for the custom imprint and serial number, only black ink is recommended for maximum long term fade-resistance
  • Clear film lamination - imprinted ink is laminated with a clear film to assure the black inks are durable and encapsulated

Before applying the hologram stickers, the person affixing the labels should thoroughly wash their fingers and hands to remove any potential contaminates from their skin, which could be picked up by the adhesive on the backside of the sticker.

Document Archival Holograms

The pricing for archival hologram stickers is based on using any of our stock hologram images and stock sizes.

All archival holograms are tamper evident, with a dots release pattern.

Pricing includes a custom imprint and consecutive serial number in black ink.  Imprinted inks are laminated with clear polyester film.

There is no minimum order quantity.

Ready to ship: Allow 2 to 4 weeks


Pricing formula:

Production set up: $950./order
Finished labels (1 inch or smaller): $.25/each

Typical Available Hologram Images

archival holograms
archival holograms
archival holograms
  Or any other stock images...


  • Your custom hologram image
  • Custom sizes and shapes
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