Transparent Hologram Label with Custom Imprint, Radial Sweep, 1.95 in Square, TRS02-17

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Product Description
NovaVision's TRS02-17 transparent hologram label contains a radial sweeping pattern embossed on a transparent, reflective material. This label can be customized with an imprint of a logo, custom text, and/or unique serial number for added security. Because this label is semi-transparent, underlying photos or data can easily be read through the hologram.

More Information

Setup Fee (Per Order) $330.00
Selling Unit Label
Selling Unit Qty 1
Item Unit label(s)
Length 1.95 in
Width 1.95 in
Thickness (inches/mil) 0.0002 / 0.06
Label Shape Square
Material Polyethylene
Stock Image Original Authentic
Laminated No
Custom Imprint Options Graphic or Logo, One-Color Imprint, Two-Color Imprint, Consecutive Numbering, Random Serial Numbers, Matching Serial Number
Imprint Color Options Black, Blue, Green, Red, White
Flourescent (UV) Imprint Options Custom Text, Custom Text & Serial Number, Logo or Graphic, Serial Number
Tamper Pattern Dots
Security Features Tamper Evident