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Security Tapes

Product Overview

Security tape provides an anti-tamper seal for shipping cartons, pallets, letters, bags and many other containers. After applying the security tape, removal will cause the tape to self destruct, leaving words (OPENED, VOID, etc) on both the affixed surface and in the security tape. Or the tape may indicate tampering by showing mis-alignment or a broken seal. The tamper evident feature varies for each product.

  • Protect Your Product Packages
  • Protect Your Pallets
  • Combats Tampering or Pilering

Our security tapes are available in both stock and customized versions.

Choosing Your Security Tape

The Stock Security Tape and Custom Security Tape products are self VOIDING. They are typically used to seal shipping cartons and pallets.

For higher security:

  • Choose a tape with serial numbers -- record the serial number as part of the shipping documentation.
  • Some tapes feature diagnonal lines to indicate slitting and tampering.
  • Customized tape offers more security.

We provide tamper evident tape for Certified Cargo Screening Facilities.

Our Security Packing Tape offers increased economy for sealing shipping cartons. This tape indicates tampering using mis-aligned lines. If the carton is slit open at the seam; it is very difficult to re-align the diagonal lines when resealing the carton.

Our Acetate Security Tapes show tampering from being torn or broken. Aceate is the most affordable security tape we offer. It is often used to seal porous surfaces such as paper envelopes, paperboard containers, or cardboard. But it is equally effective in showing tampering on non-porous surfaces too.

Our Custom Security Tapes on Liner are intended for small order quantities of custom tape (typically 50 rolls or less). For added security, some tapes feature holograms. All of these continuous tapes have a paper backing.

We recommend all applications be tested before product is shipped. We offer free samples so you can test and verify the product will meet your specific needs.

Fast Service

Most stock products (without customizations) are available for same-day EXPRESS SERVICE. Place your order by 2pm EST, pay by credit card and the material ships the same day — no waiting and no RUSH fee. Products featuring these icons are available for same day shipping:

Express Holograms

Typical delivery for custom tape is 2 weeks from your proof approval and purchase order.

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Specifications and Intended Use

Please see the Specifications and Intended Use for more details.

Installation Instructions

For installation instructions, see the Installation Guide.

Troubleshooting Guide

If the tamper evident feature is not working to your satisfaction, please review the Troubleshooting Guide for suggestions, or give us a call.

Product Returns and Claims

See Ordering Info for more details.

    • Hidden Tamper Evidence -- “OPENED” appears when tape is removed
    • Stock versions: over 40 versions total -- 5 designs, 4 colors, 3 sizes
    • Continuous rolls of self-wound tape fits standard tape dispenser
    • Tape with perforations -- use continuous or break into individual seals
    security tape
    • Your custom text -- minimum order = 40 rolls
    • Your custom logo and colors -- minimum order = 80 rolls
    • Ready to ship in 3 to 4 weeks
    security tape
    • Diagonal lines pattern (breaks alignment when slit)
    • Continuous rolls of self-wound tape
    • Optional custom printed text or logo for enhanced security
    • No minimum order quantity
    security tape
    • Frangible material (broken/torn seal indicates tampering)
    • Receptive to writing from ink pen or marker
    • No adhesive residue when removed
    • Continuous rolls or individual seals
    security tape
    • OPENED or DOTS Pattern appears when removed from applied surface
    • Custom imprinted for enhanced security
    • Optional holograms for enhanced security
    • No minimum order quantity
    • Continuous rolls in a dispenser box
    security tape
    • Specialty security tapes and Labels
    • Meets TSA Specifications
    CCSF Labels
For Questions and Ordering Information, Please Contact:
Brian Cramer Brian Cramer
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Questions? Need Help?
Questions? Need Help?
Brian Cramer
Sales & Customer Service
Phone: (800) 336-6636 ext 4211
Mike Shaffer
Sales & Customer Service
Phone: (800) 336-6636 ext 4207
Mike Klein
Sales & Customer Service
Phone: (800) 336-6636 ext 4223