Subcontracted Jobs for Printers

NovaVision offers application services for holograms, printed labels, magnetic stripes and thermal printing (bar codes, serial numbers, graphics, etc). We can provide the substrate and/or printed labels, or the printer can provide them as well.

Hologram Application

NovaVision has the ability to apply registered holograms to blank or pre-printed substrates. Many printers find this service more economical and quicker to market for initial holographic jobs, rather than invest in costly process equipment for low volume applications.

For example, for labels, hang tags, etc, the printer would produce the product in rolls (maximum 40 inch OD). When the material is produced, a "timing mark" or re-registration mark must be included. This can be a specially printed mark in the waste matrix (or on the back side of the web), a punched hole, a die cut label, or sometimes we can use printed text or colors on the web (assuming it appears in a single lane).

For checks or other documents, the printer can provide rolls of blank documents having both a timing mark and pin-feed holes in the margin. After the hologram is applied on the blank document in register to the timing mark, the printer can re-register the document printing using the pin-feed holes.

NovaVision's equipment can register the hologram placement within 0.015 inches (0.6mm) to the timing mark. After the hologram is applied, the finished material is returned to the printer for distribution, or we can finish the job as needed.

For applications using repeating patterns the process is simplified, since we can apply the hologram in a continuous stripe and the printer can establish registration with his printing process.

Printers can use NovaVision's subcontracting service in a variety of ways:

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Questions? Need Help?