Cash Security Bag, 19 x 24 in. Pack of 50, SB-D01-50

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Product Description

14 Bundles or 140 Strap Bag (14,000 banknotes): These high security bags are made of strong co-extruded plastic that resists ripping and puncturing under normal use. Security closure provides a self-sealing VOID tape that is easy to use. Each Bag is sequentially numbered with a matching bar code and a tear-off receipt.

More Information

Selling Unit Pack
Selling Unit Qty 50
Item Unit bag(s)
Material Polyethylene
Film White Opaque
Thickness (inches/mil) 0.003in / 3 mils
Serial Number Yes
Tear Off Receipt Yes
Rear Pocket No
Tamper Pattern "OPEN VOID"
  • 1.5" wide blue tamper evident tape
  • Heat indicator ink (changes for white to black)
  • Tamper slits on tape closure
  • Sealing Instructions
  • To/From Lines
  • Cash/Check Amounts
  • Series 128 Symbology
  • Human Readable Serial Number
  • Signature Line
Case Dimesions 20.25" x 9.25" x 5.75"
Additional Features
  • Fold Over Bottom
  • Serial number with matching barcode (128)