1 Design

Our Design Online feature is intended to allow you to create and submit a proof to get a quote for custom imprinted hologram labels. This is only a proofing system, not an order.
Please note if uploading full color artwork/logos the actual labels will be imprinted using one of the following colors (black, blue, red, green, or white). This will not be represented on your initial online proof. When you are satisfied with the finished proof, please email the proof to a sales representative to initiate your order.

Text & Serial Number: Enter text and/or serial numbers one line at a time. For serial numbers, enter the starting serial number, including any leading zeros if needed. For more complicated artwork features (curved text, etc), please give us a call.

Logos and Images: We recommend using high resolution artwork of at least 300ppi (pixels per inch) that includes transparency. File types that support image transparency are PNG, GIF, and SVG

Note: If a colored imprint (blue, red, green, or white) is applied on a colored label (red, blue, etc), the colored label will mute the imprint color.

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2 Project Details

Complete the form below about your project. Not all custom options are yet available in the design online application. For more custom options, please call us toll free at 800-336-6636.

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In order to confirm your online proof, we need some contact information. Please fill out the fields below and click Next when you are ready for the next step. The email address you provide is used to send your online proof to. We will respect your privacy. * Required Fields

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Note: This is NOT a real order. After submitting this design, NovaVision will need your final approval and payment for the order to take place.

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